Students from different education establishments used the opportunity to do their traineeships at “CIEDRA”

This year as well students from different education establishments decided to acquire basic metalworking knowledge in company “CIEDRA”.

The students are sharing their experience about the traineeship.

Student of Riga Vocational School No.3 Artis (21) explains: “I saw a video about the company on the Internet. I was attracted by the fact that the company offers a variety of interesting services, which made me think that it would offer an opportunity to work on interesting jobs.”

Trainee from the association “Vocational training development competence centre of Vidzeme region” Krists (18) is impressed by our master craftsmen. According to him, they were the reason why he chose to do his traineeship in our company: “I heard that the company has good craftsmen, so I decided to do my traineeship here to be able to work together with them and also learn from them.”

In recent months, students from “Riga Technical University”, “Riga Vocation School No.3 “, “Valmiera Technical School” as well as from “Vocational training development competence centre of Vidzeme region” chose to acquire professional skills of their specialty in our company.

We would like to whish good luck to young people for their vocational learning in the future.