Pārbūves veidi


For higher productivity, quick and easy planting of plants

  • Durable frame construction
  • Extensive control and adjustment options
  • High productivity

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Changeable parameters according to the work specific and the customers

— Adjustable distance between plants: 5 – 50 cm

— Adjustable planting depth: 7-13 cm (can be designed according to customer needs)

— Equipped with five planting units, making five furrows

— Distance between the furrows: 25 cm (can be designed according to customer needs)

stadisanas parametri


High productivity

— Adjustable planting speed of a single unit: up to 250 plants per minute

Hydraulic drive

— The machine has hydraulic drive


Suitable for all types of containerized seedlings

— Eight-tube carousel: tube diameter of 72 mm (can be designed according to customer needs)

— Adjustable for plants of various size

stadu-stadama-masina-mf-latvia 3          karuseli

Convenience and comfort while working 

— Adjustable seat height

— Adjustable seat position

— Specialized large shelves for placement of plants for comfortable working process

stadu-stadama-masina-mf-latvia          st2


Suitable for planting in different types of soil

— Suitable for planting in wet, dry, loose and other type of soil

— Automatic closing of the furrow with adjustable pressure force

stadi         IMG_2438