Company highlights


Foundation of the company "CIEDRA"

Initially the company is engaged in logging, trade, and export of timber products.


Changes in the company's activities

In response to market changes and demand, "CIEDRA" changes the scope of it’s activities to mechanical engineering and repair and maintenance of wood processing related equipment.


First forwarder "Deep Forest"

Technical staff is responsible to carry out research and analysis, to prepare drawings and to develop forest machinery, particularly suited for conditions of low bearing capacity of soil.


Expansion of the company’s activities

The company "CIEDRA" opens new production facilities and expands the scope of activities including both manufacturing of non-standard parts and equipment, as well as maintenance and repair of a variety of equipment and other metalworking-related services.


Modernization of manufacturing premises

With funding from the Climate Change Financial Instrument, the company implemented energy efficiency measures, by reducing the environmental impact during the manufacturing process, and by decreasing the energy consumption and heat loss in the manufacturing building.


The most energy efficient industrial building in Latvia

By participating in the competition organized by the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and the magazine "Civil Engineer" the company "CIEDRA" obtained the first prize in the nomination "The most energy efficient industrial building in Latvia" in 2014.

Important investment in the company's development

By attracting the investment from the European Union structural funds, the company "CIEDRA" acquires new metalworking tables with CNC control systems and other manufacturing equipment


MASOC member

The company becomes a member of the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries.

LCCI member

The company becomes a member of "Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry".