Designing, manufacturing and installation of non-standard industrial machinery structures and equipment that are tailor-made for customer needs

"CIEDRA" offers

a diverse range of metalworking services, manufacturing of spare parts for industrial machinery, as well as specializes in designing, manufacturing and installation of non-standard and customized technical equipment and structures

41 employees

currently are working in "CIEDRA"

4 164 976 EUR

annual turnover

576 987 EUR

investment in the company's development in recent years

3 000 m²

modernized production facilities

22 years of experience

in forestry and metalworking industries

Deep Forest 612D

the only forwarder manufacturer in Latvia

Our clients:

Stora Enso
Dojus Latvija
Stokker Agritech
Sadales tīkli
Latvijas autoceļu uzturētājs

Designing of machinery and equipment



Maintenance (during and after warranty)